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photo of Sandy Clark, St. Albert City Council candidate for 2021 election

Sandy Clark: St. Albert City Council Candidate

Sandy stands for strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, collaboration, transparency and good governance.

As a St. Albertan, I am disheartened and concerned that in the face of the high cost of living impacting all of Alberta including residents of St. Albert, that our city council considered borrowing money to build a $20 Million legacy park in Millennium Park, implement traffic calming measures that far exceed reasonable expenditures in areas where no credible studies have indicated such action, the whole while, growth has stalled in north St. Albert because of infrastructure restrictions, RMR costs are increasing exponentially, we have a swimming pool that has seen multiple, length closures due to lack of oversight, failure to support small business in the way they need support and so much more. 

St. Albert needs a city counsel that listens to its residents, that is fiscally responsible, accountable to residents and businesses alike, looking to an affordable future for our beautiful city, working collaboratively with the Government of Alberta as well as our neighbouring communities for the betterment of St. Albert. 

On October 20th, 2025 make your mark for Sandy Clark for strong leadership, fiscal responsibility, collaboration, transparency and good governance in the years ahead.

Endorsed by Lorie Garritty, former city councillor and St. Albert educator

Lorie Garritty

I like your approach with people and the way you are able to clearly state your beliefs on issues.  Sandy has my vote on October 18.

Endorsed by Doug Hartman, St. Albert Resident

Doug Hartman

While working on a civic project with Sandy for the past 1 1/2 years, I observed that she is driven to find smart solutions.  In that process, several times she emphasized inclusion and examination of opposing views to arrive at conclusions that were acceptable to the majority of our team members. Differing views were welcomed and respected at all times.  Our team benefited greatly from Sandy’s consistently insightful observations and calm demeanour.

Endorsed by Kari McKnight, Erin Ridge North Resident

Kari McKnight

My first encounter with Sandy was at a public forum. She was speaking for residents affected by a traffic and safety issue. Sandy was prepared, passionate, and a wonderful advocate for ALL residents, even though she didn’t live in the area.   Sandy is knowledgeable, kind, and takes pride in a job well done. That’s the kind of person I want to represent me on the St. Albert City Council. When election time comes, make your mark for Clark!

Endorsed by Jerry Husar, Oakmont Resident

Jerry Husar

I am pleased to endorse Sandy Clark as Councillor for the City of St. Albert. Sandy recognizes that strong governance must be open, accessible and accountable to residents and the business community. We need a Council that is informed and makes the effort to fully understand the issues and their impacts before making decisions that are in the best interest of the City and its citizens. Sandy is definitely that kind of person. She will bring strong governance, promote relationships and encourage community involvement to get things done. Join me in voting for Sandy Clark on October 18.

Endorsed by James Dean of Active Physio Works

James Dean

I am happy to support Sandy Clark for St. Albert City Council. Her knowledge, experience, and her willingness to listen to the concerns of residents will provide a fresh new addition and necessary change. Sandy is forward thinking to tackle council's issues at hand, balancing growth, economic stimulus, thoughtful urban planning and sound fiscal management.

Endorsed by former St. Albert mayor

Nolan Crouse

Best possible choice for a new Councillor.

Endorsed by Grant Miner

Grant Miner

Your depth of knowledge, experience and commitment to do the right thing for the citizens and the City would be a great addition to Council.

Endorsed by Jay Herrick of Herrick Real Estate Group

Jay Herrick

I sat with Sandy on the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and she has the perfect temperament to represent the residents of St. Albert. She’s organized, well researched, and fair. Sandy will use facts to decide the tough issues. She will stand up when she feels strongly about something and that’s the leadership we need. She’s passionate about keeping St. Albert safe for our families and I feel strongly about endorsing her.

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I stand for strong leadership, collaboration, transparency and good governance.  I seek to represent and advocate for St. Albert with informed and measured decision-making in a fiscally responsible way. I believe that expansion of businesses should be supported and encouraged in the growth plan of St. Albert.

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